A new head shot and branding that speaks to your clients may be the difference between $40,000 a year and $120,000 a year. This could be the best return on your investment. Your branding is your very first impression to all your potential clients. Do you want them to see Fruit of the Loom or Calvin Klein? Even something as simple as an outstanding email signature can be the difference your clients need to have a desire to work with you.

You know you’re supposed to build your brand and have a clear message but you have a laundry list of excuses, right?! We know because we were the same way. But you’ve got to stop procrastinating and get out there. Don’t misrepresent your greatness and the brilliance you have to offer!


Branding Can Be Hard

We know how hard branding can be!  Designing the look of your business can suck up a ton of time and energy and then when it’s all said and done, is it really doing it’s job? 

Our Success

Because we struggled through the mud personally branding 5 of our own successful business’s for the last 15 years and many of our clients. It’s become our mission to help others along their journey.

Learned From Challenges

Now that we know what it takes, we want to share that insight so you can learn from the challenges we overcame.


1. We figure out what your needs are, set up your consultation or photoshoot
(typically scheduled within 1 to 3 weeks) & collect a deposit to reserve your day.

2. We’ll guide you with what to bring and wear; and help you feel prepared for
your shoot.
You may even get some FUN homework!

3. Once the shoot is done we put your images and artwork together and send your final invoice.

4. Delivery day within 5 business days of your selections (specialty branding
items will take longer).
But we don’t stop there.  Let us know what we need to
fix or change and we’ll get any adjustments made, fast!

5. In a month or so, we’ll check up on you and how it’s all been working.  We
love to hear what we’ve done
right and where we can improve and serve you better. 


There are plenty of photographers out there who can give you the traditional look, including us, but people come to us because they want to stand out and be true to themselves. They also want to experience being comfortable with a photographer without worrying about the end result. It’s not your job to be photogenic or good in front of the camera. It’s our job to help you throughout the entire shoot and reveal your most beautiful self and create a brand that says “I’m amazeballs!” We promise to make your experience outstanding and get you out of your box!

 Some of our amazing clients!