Brands are important. A brand is the thing that makes your customers remember you. It also gives them an expectation of the product or service that you provide. If yours is starting to get tired, then it’s time to develop a new brand marketing plan. Here are a few tips.

How to Develop a New Brand Marketing Plan | Purple Moss Photography 

Return to the Basics


What is your purpose? Consider why you are in business and what specific needs you fulfill for your customers. Establish what lets you do what you do each day. When developing a marketing plan for a new brand, be sure to assess the emotional impact that your company has on your customers. Your emotional impact works to create a connection. Use your unique core components to help define your brand.


Define Your Brand


Your brand tells people what you offer and why. It also tells them how you are different and better than the competition. Your marketing plan should include how you’ll use your brand to show your uniqueness. It should also explain what you promise to provide to those who buy your product or hire you for a service.


Make a List of Your Brand’s Ingredients


The ingredients of your brand are your name, logo, and tagline. Your name is the thing that reveals your brand to your customers while logos are a visual image of it. A tagline is a memorable phrase that explains to your target audience what you offer. It can be inspiring or informative.  


Concentrate on Your Audience


Developing a new brand marketing plan includes concentrating on your audience. Determine your target market to bolster the effectiveness of your brand. The key factor is knowing who makes up your target market. Do this by considering:

  •       The age of your consumers
  •       What the income range is of your customers
  •       Where they tend to work
  •       Their other interests

Determining and Overcoming Brand Obstacles


When developing your new brand marketing strategy, be sure to schedule time to carefully analyze possible obstacles. In marketing, these are referred to as market conditions. They have the potential of keeping your service or product from being successful.


Are You Ready to Develop a New Brand Marketing Plan?


New brand marketing plans involve determining your company’s core components, defining your brand and targeting your audience. If the time has come for you to develop a new brand marketing plan, then be sure to call us at Purple Moss Photography. We can help you be successful.