Corporate team photos speak to your customers on a few different levels.  First they highlight the values of your business.  Think about the way you interact with your associates and clients and who you want to attract.  A corporate team photo is the perfect way to show the character of what your company is all about.  Stock photography is overused and doesn’t accurately convey your personal style.  How can it?  We make decisions based on emotion.  If we feel a sense of disconnect with a company, we may choose another business that did take the personal approach.  I’m seeing a shift in society that small businesses taking the personal approach are making a come back.  We crave the connection because we’ve been dealing with emotionless corporate America for so long.

A personalized team photo will convey the size and resources that your business has.  This can instill consumer confidence when you are backed by an amazing team that they can see.  You’ve already said so much.  As you can see we can do a variety of looks that make your company stand out.  Decide what your style is and let’s get your company speaking to your customers before you even say a word.



Each style has it’s advantage and disadvantage.  Call for a consultation so we can help you choose what works best for you and your company.

• COMPOSITES – (everyone photographed individually or in smaller groups then photoshopped together) A great way to keep your company photo updated all year.  When someone is hired on or leaves the company, we can easily remove and add people.  Save your company money and time by continuing to update the same photo!

• SHOT ALL TOGETHER – Offers a more realistic look but is not so easy to add people in and out of.  Recommended if you’re team is more stable and has less that 12.

• ANIMATED – We call these the attention getters!  Yes, it’s important to be professional but I think more important to show that you’re human and really fun to work with.  These capture peoples attention and starts the emotional connection right out of the gate.

• LIFESTYLE – Is a great way to tell your story.  Behind the scene shots are a window into your company.  Show off what you do and get those stock photos out of there.  Connection is everything!

We totally dig helping you find your ultimate look.  Let us know what your style is and we’ll make it happen.


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