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Should You Rebrand? | Purple Moss Photography

A company’s brand is its most valuable asset. It is your reputation and the thing that directly impacts growth. With the right brand, you’ll get the clients that you need and want. A brand is more than a tag line and a logo. Your brand tells people who you are as a company. Should You […]

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Top 20 Branding Quotes of All Time | Purple Moss Photography

A brand is your visual identity and reputation. It’s an important part of business since it can be a driving force that boosts you to the top of your industry. For inspiration, we’ve compiled the top 20 branding quotes of all time. Top 20 Branding Quotes of All Time “Products are made in a factory […]

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Starting a Small Business in Utah | First Steps | Purple Moss Photography

While worthwhile, starting a business is not for the faint of heart. The good news is that you’ll be starting a small business in Utah, a state known for its friendly and predictable startup climate. Along with taking the bite out of becoming a small business owner, Utah’s support also increases your chances of success. […]

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