Carrie Mann, owner and photographer at Purple Moss PhotographyCarrie Mann (Your Brandologist)

Why was Purple Moss Photography born? I saw a need for helping small business entrepreneurs build brand awareness.  So many of us suck at doing this (including me for a time) but through 15 years and personally branding 3 successful businesses of my own, perseverance has paid off!  I’m passionate about helping you make a statement to connect with your ideal client so you can make heads turn and look your way.  I’ll teach you how to look at your business from a different perspective, how to capture peoples attention and get in a good laugh in the process.  If only I had me to go to when I first started my business, I’d be light years ahead!

People ask me what does a portrait have to do with branding my company?  Everything actually!  You are the face of your company, are you not?  Why not turn this into clever marketing where you convey a message before your client ever reads a word on your website?  Take mine for example.  Love what you see?  I’m an open book that loves to share and explore the process of how to grow a business.  I’m all about having fun and inspiring you to reach your full potential.  Wow! What a crazy thing to get out of a photoshoot!  I PROMISE you’ll get more from this photographer than you will anywhere else!


Utah Photographer

Esther Aboussou Shaw (The Other Face of the Company)

She’s a get it done girl!  Couldn’t live without her now that she’s here.  She’s the cheerful voice on the phone and the quick response to your email.  She’s your go to when you need a picture emailed over or have a question.  Esther is way more than a personal assistant though.  She keeps everything running smooth, which is a bigger job than one might think.  We are so happy to have her on the team and be apart of our culture.  She fits right in with her fantastic personality, hard work ethic and is so easy to talk to.  She’ll be sure to make you feel right at home.  She’s a budding photographer with her own company that specializes in Boudoir and helping women boost their confidence.  Love that! Check her work out at Essie Shaw.


Cassie Loveless, photographer and assistant at Purple Moss PhotographyCassie Loveless (Amazing Assistant Photographer)

I swear she was born with a camera in her hand.  She’s always got one and knows how to use it.  Cassie understands how to make you feel comfortable in front of her camera.  This is a skill that most people never learn.  You either have what it takes to engage with people and make them feel amazing or you don’t.  I’m so lucky to have met her and work with her at Purple Moss Photography.  As she develops her company and helps me with mine, she’s quickly figuring out how to help YOU as well!  You can check out more of her personal work on her website MC SQUARED PHOTOGRAPHY.





Amy Bond (Photo Editor Extraordinare)Amy Bond, editor at Purple Moss Photography

She knows exactly how to shape and mold a persons look to give it that special touch everyone is looking for.  We would be lost without her.  She’s the finishing touch in your images.  She kind, giving and extremely helpful.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you need something a little different in your images.  She treats every image as though it were her little dog, Dori’s.  Now that’s saying a lot if you know her.  She’ll make sure to take care of you like family! PERFECT PIXELS.





Lindsey Black, owner and marketing expert at Creative Edge Marketing SolutionsLindsey Black (My Personal Branding Assistant)

Yes, behind every great marketer is another great marketer!  I learned something early on in running Purple Moss Photography. If you don’t make time for it and it’s a necessity, hire someone!  Without Lindsey there would be nothing on social media, no great rankings on google, no cute blogs that help SEO our website and nothing to show for all our hard work.  I’m always impressed with her writing skills and attention to detail.  She’s easy to get a hold of, easy to talk to and easy to work with.  Her website CREATIVE EDGE MARKETING SOLUTIONS.