Real estate teams that work together well are more effective, successful and happier. So, how do you create the kind of bonding and support that inspires a positive work environment? You do it with team building activities. The following 10 great team building activities will help draw your real estate staff together while establishing a positive (and productive) work environment.

10 Great Team Building Activities for Utah Real Estate Brokerages | Purple Moss Photography 

1. Possibility Game

For this activity, you’ll need several random objects. Give one object to a team member and direct him or her to demonstrate how to use it without words. Encourage using crazy and unique demonstration techniques to keep the game light and fun.

 2. Two Truths and a Lie

To play this team building activity, have everyone write down two things that are true about themselves and one that isn’t. Then, pair people up and have them try to guess what the lie is about the other person. Have everyone trade partners a few times. After your agents have spent time trying to guess one another’s lies, gather in a circle and have everyone admit to their truths and lies.

 3. Classic Scavenger Hunt

Break your real estate agents into teams of at least two people. Then, create a list of fun tasks for them to do, things like taking a selfie with someone wearing green, finding certain objects around the office or taking a photo of the boss’s car.

 4. The Egg Drop from Science Class

Make your real estate agents feel young again with the egg drop from science class. Encourage your team to split off into small groups and give them a box of supplies that they can use to build a contraption that will keep an egg safe when it’s dropped.

 5. Air Band Battle

Instead of karaoke, host a battle of the air bands. Split your team up into bands and let them pick a song. Then, get ready to rock out as they lip-sync and strum their invisible guitars. Consider using costumes and props.

 6. Team Photo Shoot

Reserve a team photo shoot with us at Purple Moss Photography. Not only is it fun to take nice photos of your team, but it also gives you new marketing materials.

7. Water Balloon Toss

Get everyone soaked with a water balloon toss. Have your team pair up and start tossing water balloons back and forth. Every successful toss results in a pair taking a step back away from one another, increasing the distance between them until only one team has an intact balloon.

8. Show-and-Tell

Send out an email requesting that every team member bring a treasured item to the office to share. Cater in lunch and give them time to tell everyone about the item.  

 9. Human Knot

Ask your team to create a circle. Then, tell them to place their right hand in the air and clasp the hand of someone on the other side of the circle. Next, ask them to grab the left hand of a different person. Challenge them to unwind themselves with both hands linked to different team members.

10.  Community Service

A great team building activity is to do a community service project together. Choose a few worthy causes and allow your team to vote on the one that they want to help. This will encourage team bonding while giving back to the community.