Modern-day society is a multidimensional one, so it’s no longer valuable to consider each age demographic separately when it comes to marketing. Which types of advertising are most effective for your business? To get the most out of your advertising campaign, it’s important to mix and match a variety of advertising mediums. That way, you’ll be in a position of optimizing your response rate.  Here are a few of today’s most popular forms of advertising. Decide which ones you want to use to market your business.

Which Types of Advertising are Most Effective for Your Business? | Purple Moss Photography

Social Media Advertising is a Must

Today, around 56% of Americans have signed up for a social media profile, making it an advertising must. Not only will social media advertising give you a way to maximize your brand recognition, but it will also allow you to spend little doing so. When social media arrived initially, it was mainly popular with millennials. Today, grandmothers are creating Facebook invitations for bingo night at the senior center. Keep in mind that you get a lot of bang for your buck with social media marketing. According to estimates, the cost breakdown is just $.25 to get to 1,000 possible leads using Facebook Ads.

Email Minimizes Marketing Costs

Be sure to include email advertising when planning your marketing strategy. Email is fast and efficient. It’s also easy to use it to track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. You can make sure that your audience is receiving your emails and determine whether they are reading them or unsubscribing from your service. If a number of your clients are unsubscribing, you’ll know that you need to tweak things to keep people interested. Maybe, it’s time to offer a bigger discount or upgrade your products.

Television Advertising Continues to Reign

Internet advertising is a growing medium, but television marketing continues to reign. Whether you have the budget to advertise on television locally or nationally, this marketing option allows you to reach the biggest number of people. Studies show that people spend more time watching television than they do listening to the radio or reading newspaper articles. Before you dive into television advertising, check the rates. On average, advertisers spend more than $300,000 for a 30-second commercial, so make sure that you have the funds for this kind of marketing.

Which Types of Advertising are Most Effective for Your Business?

A combination of advertising techniques is the most effective way to market your business. That way, you’ll be in touch with clients of varying demographics. At Purple Moss Photography, we can help you with your marketing campaign. We provide business photography services and help companies with their branding efforts. Contact us for more information.