These days, companies rely on digital marketing tools to grow and expand. Since there are so many digital ones available, it can be tough to know where to start. If you begin with one and wind up switching to something else later, then this can be a hassle. Here are a few tools that will help you plan your 2020 marketing strategy.

Tools That Will Help You Plan Your 2020 Marketing Strategy | Purple Moss Photography

Google Analytics

When it comes to scaling your business, you’ll want to use Google Analytics. The tool is free, and it will show you everything that you need to know about your website’s performance including keywords that are trending, audience demographics and what people are searching for on your site.

Social Media Analytics

Consider using platform-based social media analytics, which are free tools that are included in social media platforms. You’ll have access to them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Other tools are able to aggregate your data but using a platform-based tool lets you review each account as a separate entity to create different strategies for each platform.  


Yoast is a WordPress plugin, and it gives each of your blog posts additional search engine data. With Yoast, Google can read your page easily, and this increases your chances of earning a higher ranking on Google’s search results.


PromoRepublic is a tool designed to help you manage your social media automatically. The tool offers scheduling, collaboration, social monitoring, content creation, and reporting features. It operates as a White Label solution, and it can even smooth your workflow and save you time.


The ActiveCampaign tool is an all-in-one platform that you can use for your email marketing, sales CRM software, and marketing automation. The tool will help you reach out to your contacts with trigger campaigns, sales follow-ups, welcome emails and more. Since the tool comes with numerous data-driven automations, you won’t ever miss an opportunity to take advantage of a possible lead.  

Design Wizard

With Design Wizard, you can personalize high-quality videos and images in just seconds. It’s perfect for business owners, party planners, and social media marketers. The features that you’ll really like about the tool are its custom color palette, resizing feature and free font library. It also comes with excellent integrations that work with Hubspot, Buffer, and Intercom.

Tools That Will Help You Plan Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Tools that will help you plan your 2020 marketing strategy range from ones that will make it easy to manage your social media accounts to ones that allow you to personalize your marketing materials. At Purple Moss Photography, we can help you with the branding part of your marketing campaign. We’ll take professional photographs of your business and staff to help you create a powerful brand, one that helps you retain your current client base and acquire new ones.