5 MUST HAVE resources every new business should use but are rarely told. | Purple Moss Photography

I wish blogs would actually give you content that can really help you. So often they’re filled with vague information. Here is one that gets right down to it! This list of resources took me years to find and educated myself with. I’m handing it out for FREE! Here are my key things you need to know as you start a business that can really boost your success minus the fluff!

1. How to create a sound business plan sure to capture attention for potential investors.

Can’t stress this enough. Often, new entrepreneurs aren’t able to raise enough capital to get started or even have a clue where to start. You need to have a sound business plan that will consistently generate cash flow and catch the eye of potential investors and banks. Go to https://www.liveplan.com/ to get started on your companies business plan. This is a comprehensive tool that will definitely get you on the right foot. This is the first and most important step to creating your business. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

2. How to pay your people without breaking the bank.

If you’re a small business with less than 10 employees and don’t feel the need to hire an HR specialist, get your payroll done by https://www.patriotsoftware.com/. We searched high and low for a company that would do our payroll at a reasonable price. We have loved their service and how easy it is to run payroll. You don’t have to waste any more time searching. Your next payroll service is right here!

3. Create not only an eye-catching website but one with great content.

We have sourced a few amazing books to help us reach our goals for our business and our clients. Copywriting and content writing are so important along with fantastic eye-catching and interesting imagery. Don’t just leave your website to Wix or doing it yourself. At least get consulted on how to do it and you’ll save so much time and energy doing it the better way (there is no right way, lol)! We use https://storybrand.com/ to get us on the right track. We also loved the book HOW TO WRITE COPY THAT SELLS. You can use SCRIBD to get all your favorite entrepreneurial books at a super low monthly charge. All of these sources will help lead you on the right track to how to layout and plan a website with great content. Leave the images to us though! We are super fun and can’t wait to get creative about your brand.

4. Social Media sucks but we have to do it. Here’s how to do it better.

Absolute must-read book is THE CONVERSION CODE. Want real answers about how to navigate and master the social media kingdom? This book is the best way to start. It’s that simple. This book is your biggest weapon and a must-read!

*The images you see here are done by us here at Purple Moss Photography. Your branding experts! Check out our client https://brighterwealth.com/ if you need help with how to retire the right way.

5. Do yourself a favor and get a business coach.

There are FREE ones actually! SCORE.org is an amazing organization that will give you a highly educated, retired entrepreneur to help you navigate these scary waters of starting a business and succeeding. We all need a little guidance even if it’s just to bounce ideas with someone.

Good luck my fellow entrepreneurs. May you gain much wisdom from my post. My sincere wish is that you succeed in your endeavors and come tell me about it!

– Carrie Mann

Owner of Purple Moss Photography, Inc.