Good leaders know how important it is to hire the best people for their company. People are a company’s biggest asset and greatest capital. If you make a hiring mistake, then it can be the difference between your company’s success and its failure. Elon Musk said that a company “is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating.” The wisest leaders are comfortable hiring individuals who they see as being smarter than they are, people who will push them toward unique and diverse thinking. Here’s how to hire smart.

How to Hire Smart | Purple Moss Photography

Develop Your Own Talent Gauge


Make it a habit of working with people who you consider to be smarter, more talented and better than you are in your career field. Search for those who are different than yourself, the ones who are willing to share their opinions with you. Be open to hiring people who will tell you that you’re wrong. They will help you make your ideas better.


Stay Up to Date in Your Market


Along with being in touch with the best recruiters, you should also make it your business to understand your field’s changing landscape. Every industry is constantly evolving. This means that the talent you hire will evolve too. What you needed in a position yesterday is not necessarily what you need tomorrow.


Keep Your Hiring Process Tight


How to hire smart requires a tight hiring process. Develop a list of thorough questions along with a grading process that you use with every interview. If you decide to have other employees help you with the hiring process, make sure that they use the same system, so you can review everyone under the same microscope.

Take Advantage of Technology and the Latest Hiring Techniques


Complete hiring interviews in person or on video. Along with looking at how people answer your questions verbally, consider the nonverbal cues. Notice what they say and what they don’t. Pay attention to their body language and how they respond to your questions.


Hire People Who are Self Aware


One thing to look for when you’re hiring a new employee is if the person is self-aware. Do they know what they’re good or bad at? People are going to be good and bad at work things, which is okay. What isn’t okay is when they don’t know what they’re bad at. Hire people who have a good sense of their weaknesses.

How to Hire Smart


To attract the best talent and hire smart, you need to have an appealing brand. At Purple Moss Photography, we can help you build your brand and take headshots of your work staff. Contact us if you have questions or want to make an appointment.